Experienced archers

If you have shot before and don't need to do our Beginners Course, one of our coaches can do a short assessment to check your skills.


Experienced archers can join via assessment


If you have completed a beginner’s course with a target archery club, are a member of another archery club, or shoot with a school archery squad, then get in touch!

We will require details of your training and need to run through a very simple archery assessment before we can approve your membership. You will need to bring your own equipment for the assessment.

Important note: if you did not train at another club, have never been a member of another club, or haven’t shot recently, we may ask you to do a minimum of 1 hour’s paid coaching before being allowed to join the club. Likewise, if you have completed a beginner course more than 4 months’ prior to application for club membership but have not shot in the interim, you will be asked to attend a minimum 1 hour refresher/induction course or until the coach is satisfied you are safe to shoot. Your assessing coach can provide you with more information, including hourly rates.

Please complete your details via the registration form. On clicking ‘Submit’ these details will go to our Coaching Coordinator, who will be in touch shortly.

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