Youth Archery

Archery is a great way to meet new people!
There are two sessions held on Saturday mornings just for our club's youth members. Participants need to book for a session each week via the online booking form. The shoots include Archery NZ and ADAA youth postal competitions, as well as the club's own rounds, plus the occasional team fun tournament.

Archers for the first session should arrive at 8am for an 8.30am-9.30am shoot. Archers for the second session should arrive at 9.30am for a 10am-11am shoot. Please ensure you arrive in time to set up your equipment!

We don't currently run a holiday club, although it is under future consideration.
Youth archers can come to the Saturday and Sunday afternoon shoots to practice different distances and gain more experience, including club Achievement rounds. Arrival time varies but is often 1pm-4pm on Saturdays and 1pm-3pm on Sundays.

However, shoots can sometimes be longer. Please keep an eye on the Shooting calendar for an idea of distances and times to shoot.

Also check the Shooting calendar to ensure the club is open, as sometimes the range is closed for a tournament. Alternatively, club members can join the Members-only Facebook group as keyholders will notify when the range is open at other times.

There are five classes (age groups) of junior archers recognised by Archery New Zealand. Our junior members stay in a class for an entire year, regardless of which month they were born in (i.e. the age groups are defined by year of birth rather than month of birth).

For 2024, these are as follows:

Born between 2004-2006: Under 21
Born between 2007-2008: Under 18
Born between 2009-2010: Under 16
Born between 2011-2013: Under 14*
Born 2014 or later: Under 11*

*Note that for children under 14, they must be accompanied by a parent for the entire time they are present at the club.


Auckland Archery Club provides our archers the opportunity to learn and develop their shooting skills.

The Auckland College Sport Archery league is open to archers of all levels of ability who are at secondary school and provides an opportunity to represent your school at archery. Running in term 1 each year at AAC, it comprises both an individual competition and a team competition; teams of 4 for recurve and teams of 2 for compound.

At the end of term 1, there is also the Auckland College Sport Matchplay competition. This is a great way to get start to get some tournament experience and to represent your school. We encourage all archers from years 9 – 13 to get involved with these events.

To enter, get in touch with you school sports department.

Medals for youth archers


Youth archery Saturday morning is well run and well communicated.
My son is a youth archer so keen for the junior I have finally found a sport he loves.
Fantastic group of people willing to give up their time and advice. Very professionally run.

(Quotes taken from a recent membership survey)

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