Established in 1946, Auckland Archery Club is one of the oldest & most successful archery clubs in New Zealand.
Shooting at AAC

1860 - 1946

Moving from Auckland Bowling Club to Maungakiekie One Tree Hill in Cornwall Park Domain
The origins of AAC


The Auckland Archery Club was established in the 1860s, in grounds adjacent to Grafton Road and Stanley Street that eventually became part of the Auckland Domain. They were active from the early 1860’s and shot near the Auckland Bowling Club for many years.

Perfect pin score


By the mid-1870s, there was increasing competition for use of public land by sporting organisations, and archery was viewed as too dangerous to be a part of regular, mixed sporting activities. In 1874 Auckland Archery lost the use of the grounds at Government House.

Jim Hinchco at AAC


Difficulties in finding space for archery continued for a couple of decades, while archery itself gradually fell out of fashion. The original Auckland Archery club was finally dissolved in 1888.

Sid Mitchener at AAC


Sid Mitchener took up archery during his war years as the Armed Forces practiced archery in order to keep up their marksmanship but save on ammunition. He organised a lease for the Club at One Tree Hill, and built the clubhouse in 1946.

1946 - 1968

Moving from a temporary shed in a field, the clubhouse was built, wired and watered and extended during this period.
AAC's clubhouse in the 1950s
Building the AAC clubhouse


The clubhouse was wired and watered in the 1950’s, led by Merlin Stewart, the secretary of the club at the time.

AAC in the 1960s


An addition was built in the 1960s to allow members to shoot a full indoor round of 20 yards (18 metres today).

Building targets in the 1980s


The original targets (packed straw wheels on easels) were replaced with standing targets packed with pinex.

1980 logo


A new class of archery was introduced in the 1980s with the introduction of the more powerful compound bows (with cam wheels at the end of the limbs).

College archery in 2020

1990 - NOW

The modern Auckland Archery Club has been one of the largest clubs in New Zealand since its inception, and throughout the years we’ve had many national and international champions.
Andrew Lindsay Jr


Auckland club member Andrew Lindsay Jr represented NZ in the Atlanta Olympics in the USA in 1996, finishing in 33rd place.

Yiftach Swery


Some of our club members achieved world records and medals at the World Championships.

Targets on the AAC outdoor range


Our standing targets were replaced with modern movable targets with high-tech foam and allow greater flexibility for our archers.



Our club has been host to many club and national competitions, community events, corporate shoots and World Masters Games, and we hope to continue doing this for many years to come.

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